niwra kretzchmann digital marketer

Niwra (Ni) Kretzchmann

Originally from Brazil, Ni is a senior marketer with 10 years of experience across various industries, with a strong digital focus.

  • Cemoh Type
    Digital Strategist
  • Location
    Brisbane, Queensland


Ni is a Digital Marketing enthusiastic graduate with BA in Advertising and concluded a Masters degree in Applied Consumption Sciences a few years ago.
Ni’s natural ability to understand clients’ businesses and work for different industries takes any business to the next level. For many years in Brazil, she provided insights that enhanced companies’ performance, including e-commerce.

Ni is passionate about data analytics, market research, and consumer behaviour. With her analytical mindset, she can transform data into information, assisting with the companies’ decision making and strategy development.


Base Digital
BI Analyst
  • SEO analysis, guideline, checklist, keyword studies
  • Tracking plan for websites and apps;
  • Automated performance reporting (Data Studio).
Australian Internships
Marketing Specialist
  • Responsible for all digital marketing strategies, planning and execution. Including website, social media, email marketing and advertising. Focus on lead generation;
  • Business Reports, Analysis and KPI’s;
  • Campaigns creation, Branding Promotion, Communication, Design and Content;
  • Planning of events and webinars, participation in career fairs;
  • Customer relations (social media enquiries and online reviews).


  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Strategy
  • Ecommerce
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

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