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Kelley Krause (MBA, CPM)

An MBA-qualified, results-driven marketing professional originating in the USA and now residing in Brisbane.

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    Marketing Strategist
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Kelley Krause is a result-driven Marketing Professional demonstrating ‘lifelong’ learning, resilience, and transferability of skills. Her leadership experience has been accumulating in sales, marketing, product, customer service, and operational departments delivered across multiple continents. Having an interdepartmental understanding enables her a unique 360 ̊ approach which unifies teams for growth initiatives. She is also well versed with many facets of organisational success and has multiple industry sector exposure from the following:

International Logistics
Retail Services
Start-Up Ventures
Body Corporate

Verification as a ‘Certified Practising Marketer'(CPM) by the Australian Marketing Institute confirms Kelley is a practising professional demonstrating ethical marketing behaviour for both my B2b and B2c executions. Additionally, she brings key skills to organisations through having vast ‘Marketing IT’ technical knowledge for today’s changing Industry 4.0 landscape; this offers a competitive edge for organisations. Using modern digital techniques for brand growth, market insight discoveries and customer-centric efficiency improvements are all key areas of creative performance to ensure impactful stakeholder benefits. Kelley holds multiple industry credentials and tertiary achievements including MBA, AS, BBus Marketing; additionally, she is currently completing her MSc of Digital Marketing and GAICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors, Graduate) with an expected graduation in 2022.


IntegraPay Pty Ltd
Brand & Marketing Manager

Key Accomplishment:

Strategic Preparation for Growth Initiatives [30% YOY revenue increase]

  • Strategic & Tactical Brand Management Responsibilities
  • Location Responsibilities: USA, Australia, NZ, Singapore, UK
  • Reporting to Executive Management Team [including CEO]
  • Introduced & Implemented Structured Go-To-Market Process
  • Change Management Inbound Sales Centre to Outbound
  • Influencers, Sponsorships & Key Partner Offers
  • Branded Merchandise | Creative, Distribution, Budgeting
  • Events & Trade Shows | Budget, Creative, Project Management
  • Strategic Lead Generation | Web Scraping, Key Vertical Segmentation
  • Advertising | Print: Newspaper & Magazine, Digital
  • New Process Efficiencies | CRM: Salesforce, Identified Onboarding Fast Tracking
  • Crisis Client Communications | Covid 19, International
  • Brand Management Advisory | Press Related Mentions & Monitoring
  • Value Proposition Use Cases | Sales Collateral & Capability Brochures
  • Collaborate with PAYRIX Marketing Team for Press Releases, Pre-Purchase
  • Optimising Communications | Key Messaging Distribution

Ocwen Energy Pty Ltd t/a Lowes Petroleum Service [BP Joint Venture]
National Marketing Manager

Key Accomplishment:

Team Awarded the ‘Excellence in Marketing Award at the Singapore BP Dealer and Regional 2019 Conference’ for work undertaken as the Marketing Manager (+50 locations B2B & B2C) & Lowes BP+ Card Product Manager

Portfolio Responsibilities:

Reporting to Executive Management Team [including CEO]

National Marketing Budget Management [50+ locations]

Retail Daily Fuel Price Management [Unmanned Locations 35]

Tender Scoping, Presentations, Submissions

Interstate Call Centre Management Duties

Change Management Inbound Call Centre to Outbound

Board Pack Preparation for Fuel Cards & Marketing

Sponsorships & Key Partner Offers

Government Reporting Biofuels & ACCC

Events & Trade Shows – Budget, Creative, Project Management

Beta Testing, Survey, Rollout for BP+plus App

Product Offers Retail & Wholesale

Branded Merchandise | Creative, Distribution, Budgeting

Signage: Billboards, Livery, Service Stations & Depots

Advertising: Radio, TV, Print – Newspaper & Magazine, Digital

Public Relations: Brand Feature on Channel 7, Industry Publications

Optimising Communications | Key Messaging Distribution

National High-Value Competition Management: Castrol Gold Coast Super Cars 600

Value Proposition Use Cases | Sales Collateral & Capability Brochures

New Process Efficiencies | CRM: Sage, EDM: Mailchimp, BI: Qlikview, Onboarding

Strategic Lead Generation: Web Scraping, Geographic & Product Segmentations


  • Market Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Sales Forecasting
  • 'End to End' Service Mapping
  • Strategic Lead Generation & Prospecting
  • Effective & Efficient Communications

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