Julie Nguyen

Julie's skills include management of content and social media, EDMs, PPC campaigns, landing page creation and Google Ads.

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    Marketing Coordinator
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Julie comes from a marketing and branding background, with both experiences in marketing and graphic design. She has proven to be successful in planning and executing marketing campaigns, EDM management, marketing automation, social media strategies and podcast production.

Julie showcases the ability to design and make changes to website-building platforms like WordPress. She is confident to design and build EDM templates from scratch, write content and create stunning graphics for social media. She also has experience in setting up marketing automation in ActiveCampaign and managing PPC advertising.

In September 2020, Julie joined Cemoh as a marketing assistant to help manage all internal marketing efforts for Cemoh. This includes social media, EDM, blog posts, Cemoh Marketing Podcast, marketing automation, PPC ads, promotions, and landing pages creation and management. She also manages Cemoh Marketing Show with weekly YouTube and TikTok videos.

Recently, Julie took on a Cemoh position for Opira, an Environmental Services firm in Mansfield, Queensland. She manages social media content creation and planning, blog posts, SEO, Google Ads as well as email marketing to raise brand awareness and generate leads.

Outside of work, Julie has a keen interest in film photography, fashion styling and digital illustrations.


Marketing Assistant

  • Plan, develop and organise marketing campaigns to reach target markets, build consumer awareness and effectively promote the attributes of services
  • EDM management, including planning email marketing strategies, writing copy and building email newsletters
  • Social media management, including planning social media strategy, creating content and designs for social media posts 
  • Cemoh Marketing Podcast management, including planning podcast ideas, conducting research on listeners, developing and executing a marketing plan for the podcast
  • Blogs management, including editing blogs written by copywriters, optimising blogs for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and publishing blogs on the website 
  • Design, write content and build landing pages in WordPress
  • Build and manage automation workflows in ActiveCampaign
  • Created and monitored Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns
  • Cemoh Marketing Show management, including writing video scripts, conducting research on topics, managing videographers and video-editors, designing video thumbnails and promoting new videos

Cemoh Achiever

  • Plan and execute marketing & promotion activities
  • Write and edit blog posts and landing pages content to improve SEO
  • Google Ads campaigns set-up and monitoring
  • Social media planning, content creation and scheduling
  • Website updates and maintenance
  • EDM creation and management


  • Developing and executing new marketing and design concepts
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital and Social Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Scheduling and Content Creation
  • Intermediate Graphic Design
  • Photography & Editing
  • Podcast Production & Management


Content Marketing Facebook Ads Management Google Ads Management Marketing Automation Branding Creative Landing Pages

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