Jezey Wolf

A passionate, energetic and focused marketing, communications and business consultant dedicated to driving results, and growth for your brand.

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    Marketing Strategist
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With over ten years in marketing, PR, events, and business management, Jezey is passionate about finding creative and strategic ways to grow businesses and brands through her agency RedJezebell Creative. She is known for her pragmatism, honesty and commitment to driving the best possible outcomes.

With experience in agency, brand side, and freelancing, she has worked with large and small scale businesses and brands and understands the unique complexities of each. Her approach to driving success for clients is to embed herself as part of the team – their success is her success.

Jezey has spent the last three years exclusively consulting businesses across Australia on their marketing, brand and strategy needs.

Having spent a number of years in Melbourne, Jezey relocated to her hometown of Brisbane in 2017. Passionate about health, wellness, and food, you will find her spending her spare time on mum duty to her beautiful children, pottering on her farm, rescuing, training and riding horses, at the gym where she trains MMA and BJJ, cooking up a storm, or exploring a bush trail with her family and dogs.


RedJezebell Creative
  • Delivering results for SME's across the country by tailoring programs and campaigns to target key growth opportunities inside their businesses and the broader market.
Senior Product Manager - Functional Foods
  • Delivering a 12-month integration project of acquired brands (Impromy and Flexi) into the Blackmores business and facilitating in collaboration with the existing team the development of the functional foods division.
  • This project also included rolling IsoWhey and WheyLess into the Functional Food division's portfolio and subsequently managing the marketing planning and delivery for all four brands for the year.
Probiotec Pharma
Marketing Manger
  • At Probiotec (a Melbourne based, publicly listed pharmaceutical company), responsible for marketing across brands Impromy, Flexi, Metabolic C12, Celebrity Slim, Gold Cross, David Craig, and Skin Basics.
  • A complex and diverse and role across a wide array of unique situations, requiring utilisation of broad marketing skills.
  • Drove development of an entirely new brand, commercialising the product from its origins as a clinical trial report. This process involved liaising closely with CSIRO to ensure research partnership compliance and developing the minimum viable product, brand position and identity, pitching the brand to pharmacies to gain distribution and ultimately iterations in market, based on consumer feedback and sales trends.
  • Supervised the international expansion of the Celebrity Slim brand into China and New Zealand.
  • Managed the full rebrand of the Skin Basic skincare line, the move of an extensive collection of TGA listed products, the CH1 compliant labelling, and the move of all 'food' (i.e., weight loss products) products to be COO compliant.
  • Implemented a six-month consumer research project for the Impromy and Flexi brands, ensuring key takeaways were implemented to drive an increase in brand awareness, market share, and sales growth.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting


  • Bachelor Of Communications, RMIT
  • Masters Degree, Marketing, RMIT
  • Certificate 4 Music (Business), SBIT

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