Isha Gandhi

Isha Gandhi is a multi-channel marketer with over 10 years of experience including advertising, health and medicine, entertainment and creative arts.

  • Cemoh Type
    Digital Manager
  • Location
    New South Wales, Sydney


Isha is an effective marketing strategist who has had a versatile career, having started her own business in advertising and video production, to then managing productions in the television industry.Isha has worked with media agencies to implement marketing solutions, design campaigns, and consult for a diverse range of businesses.

Result-oriented and with a background in psychology, Isha is tactical about incorporating principles of behaviourism into her client’s business needs in the interest of generating growth and positive outcomes.


Advertising and Media Agencies
Branding, Marketing and Communications
  • Implemented marketing, branding and business strategies for a portfolio of diverse clients by understanding their specific needs and delivered end-to-end solutions to increase revenue across multiple channels.
  • Designed and executed advertising campaigns to concisely align with company branding across various B2B and B2C client communication channels, whilst liaising with stakeholders and managing a creative team.
  • Increased organic traffic to clients websites google search rankings to top 10 with the use of SEO copywriting on websites, social media channels, eDMs and advertisements.
Seven West Media
Production and Advertising
  • Oversaw all phases of production for live news shows on a 24 hour roster and effectively communicating as a liaison between crew, studio and control room, whilst troubleshooting under a high pressure and fast paced broadcasting environment.
  • Conducted research, developed, wrote and edited copy and content.
Marketing and Video Production
  • Directed the end to end process of video production and advertising campaigns, including concept creation, storyboarding, writing, filming, editing and publishing.
  • Successfully managed the organisation of high profile events.
  • Developed training programs on topics of business, psychology and leadership.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy


  • Bachelor of Media and Psychology

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