Ava Lawrence

Marketer specialising in technology, food and hospitality
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    Marketing Strategist
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Ava was a marketing director for technology consultancies in London focusing on AI/ML, blockchain and electric vehicles, working with talented seed and Series A stage companies based in the UK, US and Europe. Ava worked to shape their marketing and business plans, helped raise millions in funding and built their profile through targeted PR strategies.

She has worked in high-profile, revolutionary technology companies such as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, where she joined as one of the first directors working with their LA-based design HQ.

She was one of the founding members of the Innovation Studio at the engineering giant Atkins, where she worked on Future Cities 2050 projects. The studio focused on the practical application of emerging technologies to solve the huge global challenges of climate change and rapid population growth in cities. Refining the design and function of public spaces at a city and at a building level while improving sustainability and the local and regional environment.

She has also worked in the hospitality and retail sector, helping F&B startups in the UK and Australia with marketing their product, restaurant concepts and special events. She is also from a long line of agricultural families in Queensland and has a special interest in Agtech. Ava blends her unique expertise as a journalist, marketer and technologist with her experience in strategy, design, food and sustainability.


Marketing Director
Technology specialist consultant, business & marketing strategy

Shaped business & marketing plans

Brand building & awareness

Targeted PR strategies

Helped raise significant funding


Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail
Strategy & design

Concept development for start-ups


Product development & marketing

Event planning & staging


Agtech expertise


Founding Member Future Cities 2050 Projects

Business development & strategy



Sustainability & environmental consulting


  • Strategy, marketing & business planning
  • PR & special events
  • Technologist
  • Hospitality, F&B start-ups
  • AI/ML consulting
  • Environment, sustainability & agtech



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