Recruiting a Marketing Executive For a Leading Australian Franchise Retailer

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What Was the Business Challenge?

The company was seeking a Marketing Executive to fill in for an employee going on maternity leave to help two areas of the business – national marketing & regional marketing and local area marketing.

We had previously been engaged with their marketing & communications manager \, as we had one of our Cemoh marketing consultants assisting with an awareness event one day a week. During one of our reviews with the client, it was mentioned that they were in need of a marketing executive as her usual recruitment channels had not yielded the right candidate. We suggested to that we could assist with recruiting for the position which they happily agreed to.

What Did The Client Need To Recruit?

  • Marketing Executive

The company needed a Marketing Executive to assist with all marketing activities. The role required someone that could plan, develop and oversee future marketing campaigns to promote the brand, its products and services to its core customer base. The role also necessitated conducting market research, manage lower-value client relationships and support of the Marketing Manager.

Cemoh Actions Taken

Our Cemoh pool of marketing professionals now exceeds 250 individuals. Our first priority was to let our network know that a Marketing Executive role was available for a premier Australian franchising company. Within three days, we had nine applicants, each with exceptional experience. We narrowed the nine down to three individuals, primarily focusing on those with franchise marketing experience and who had also worked in a maternity relief role.

Cemoh immediately contacted the client and organised interviews for all three individuals the following week. By weeks end, it was decided that Melanie Surplice would be a great fit with for the marketing team. In the space of two weeks, we had managed to identify a role needing to be filled, vetted nine applicants and presented three standouts, with Melanie being onboarded shortly after.

The Outcome

Melanie started working with this company three days a week for the first two months. As the role was filling in for a maternity leave, Melanie was thrown into the deep end but transitioned into the role seamlessly thanks to her prior experiences and professionalism. She was able to grasp the role quickly and execute on existing marketing campaigns effectively and successfully.

This performance in such a short time frame impressed the client that she decided to bring Melanie on full time where she will soon be approaching one year with the business. During this time, she has been working in a team responsible for the roll out of national, regional, and local area marketing (LAM) activities in Australia and New Zealand across all channels, aligned to the overall marketing strategy and annual program.