Freddy & Co Hires an eCommerce Marketing Expert

Freddy & Co Hires an Ecommerce Marketing Expert through Cemoh

Business Challenge

Freddy and Co posted a role on Seek for a Marketing & eCommerce Manager but were unsure what the role looked like for their business (time, experience and cost etc), they just knew they needed someone to support them with the day-to-day marketing activity for the business.

Cemoh met with the Freddy and Co owners, Amanda and Matt, to discuss the specifics of the role including responsibilities and objectives, which led to us introducing them to Sarah, one of our eCommerce marketing experts.

Business Overview

Freddy and Co is an eCommerce business that is run by husband and wife duo, Amanda and Matt.

Being a small, start-up business Amanda and Matt would wear all the hats that the business required – accounting, picking and packing products, customer service, and marketing, to name a few.

In order for the business to scale, they realised they couldn’t continue to manage everything themselves while caring for their young family.


The role required and eCommerce expert to help them build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow sales through social media, paid ads, email marketing and campaign management.


When Sarah started with Freddy and Co in 2021, they didn’t have a CRM platform to generate leads and in turn, also didn’t have any marketing automation set up to retarget customers. Therefore, Sarah’s first task was to implement Drip (a marketing automation platform) and set up workflows that collected and retained customer data, which would take customers on a “sales” journey that lead to an increase in revenue.

Sarah then worked with Amanda and Matt to understand the business’s strengths and weaknesses and their business and marketing objectives for the next 12 months. This discussion helped Sarah to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy that would facilitate growing Freddy and Co’s brand awareness, increase leads and boost sales.

This strategy included social and email marketing, campaign planning, paid advertising, and new product launches.


Hiring Sarah as a marketing consultant provided Amanda and Matt more freedom to scale and work on other aspects of their business. In the last two years, the business has seen notable growth and with Sarah’s help, Freddy and Co have increased their range by launching their nursery and silicone products. They have also announced the arrival of new and exciting play mat designs including the most recent launch of their Bigi Nigala Indigenous play mat.


“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sarah from Cemoh. Over the 18 months we worked together our business saw exceptional growth. Sarah was a wealth of marketing knowledge and successfully created and implemented several EDM workflows which we continue to use. Her love and enthusiasm always shone through and she was able to bring a lot of consistency to our brand, helping us to show up regularly to best serve our customers. Working within the Cemoh model, Sarah really felt part of our small in-house team going above and beyond.” Amanda Mckay – Co-Director of Freddy and Co