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Are you a marketing consultant struggling to find time to market yourself and find new clients or a new parent with marketing experience wanting to return to the workforce in a part time/casual position? Then Cemoh is looking for you.

What is a Cemoh?

Cemoh is an expansion of the phonetic version of CMO, ‘Chief Marketing Officer’.

There are two kinds of Cemohs, the Cemoh Strategist and the Cemoh Achiever.

Cemoh Strategists have been in marketing positions such as consultant, directors, CMO and other senior roles. All our Cemoh Strategists have at least ten years' marketing experience.

Our Cemoh Achievers are highly experienced marketing activators who have a minimum of 3 years' marketing experience. They are specialised in executing tactical marketing activities including: social media schedules, content management, PPC campaigns and the like.

Each Cemoh will be placed with companies based on experience, work availability and the customer's requirements. Some Cemohs may work for a number of companies while others work for one company alone.  

Each Monday morning, the Cemohs are expected to take part in ‘The Huddle’, a two-hour session where you can ask questions, celebrate your achievements and workshop challenges that you might be facing with your customer. ‘The Huddle’ will continue online using Slack for the remainder of the week where you can get help from any other Cemoh across the network.
What are the Cemoh Values?
  • Relentlessly strive to deliver the best results for our clients

  • Measure the right numbers, the ones that make a difference

  • Always do the right thing

  • Seek innovative ways to solve problems

  • Speak straight and cut to the chase; radical transparency

  • Collaboration is the key to success

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